Win a wheelchair van: The “Driving Forward Together Sweepstakes” of VMI

Would you or your loved one benefit from having a van that is modified for a wheelchair? So many people would love to have one, but find the price unaffordable for them. So, the Driving Forward Together Sweepstakes contest to win a van with an entry and ramp conversion package is a wonderful opportunity for you.   The sweepstakes is sponsored by VMI, Vantage Mobility International,  a manufacturer of van conversion equipment.

Are You Eligible?

If you are a veteran who uses a wheelchair, a driver who uses a wheelchair, a caregiver for an adult or child who uses a wheelchair, then you are eligible to enter this contest   sponsored by Vantage Mobility International.  Entrants must be a legal resident of the U.S., and a wheelchair user or the caregiver of a wheelchair user.

Vantage Mobility is offering two different van conversion packages in this contest.  One is the Verge II E Conversion which is a van with a rear entry and a ramp.  The other van conversion package offers the winner a Apex Conversion with a side entry and power ramp.

Online Entry Form

The entry form is available at  the websites at VMI or by calling  855-VMI-VANS to receive assistance with completing the online form. Entries are also accepted via official entry forms available at VMI authorized mobility dealerships. The Sweepstake Winner will be notified via email or phone to the email address or phone number entered on the entry form within five  business days following the winner selection.

Enter Now because the OFFER ENDS 5/22/2019!