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Wheelchair Seat Replacement


No sagging seats, please!

No sagging seat in your wheelchair, please. You probably thought I was talking about sagging pants.

No, a sagging wheelchair seat is really more uncomfortable and unsightly than sagging pants, in my opinion.
When the upholstery of a manual wheelchair seat is worn out, it does not support one’s body in the proper position. Prolonged sitting in a sagging, unsupportive seat can cause pressure sores, general fatigue and discomfort.

You can find help to fix that sagging wheelchair seat, though.

First, check the manual for your wheelchair. You will find trouble-shooting advice, a tool list, and helpful information there. The manual for the Graham Field Advantage Wheelchair Manual sold here at is always available online at the website

It is fairly easy to unscrew the upholstery seat, and then tighten it again to stop that sagging. Or, you can call Graham Field to order a new upholstery seat and get instructions about how to replace the old worn-out seat with a new one.

While you are checking the wheelchair seat, take a look at the back of the wheelchair too. It might need to be replaced also if it is bulged out, worn or torn. You will find the seat and the back on the same page of the Parts Catalog for the Advantage Wheelchair.

You will need to know the size of your seat and back upholstery pieces, and whether you have fixed or detachable arms on the wheelchair. To order a new seat or back, call Graham Field, phone: 770-368-4700.
Here is a link for the Graham Field Advantage Wheelchair Parts Catalog you will need.

It’s a good idea to clean your wheelchair and examine its mechanical functioning regularly. On page 24 of the Advantage manual, you will find a list of maintenance items that you can check weekly, monthly, at three months, and at 6 months.

If your wheelchair rattles, squeaks, veers off-course, turns sluggishly, or has flutter in the casters, you will probably need to seek out a professional who can fix the problems, especially if your wheelchair has had a customized adjustment for you. According to the Advantage wheelchair manual, your wheelchair should be checked by a wheelchair technician at least once a year. Again, ask to locate a wheelchair repair technician in your area where you bought the wheelchair, or by calling Graham Field.

There’s no need to slump in a sagging seat! A new wheelchair seat can help you sit up and get comfortable.

You might also take a peek at our wheelchair cushions here at!

3 thoughts on “Wheelchair Seat Replacement

  1. I’m not to sure about that. I know wheelchair frames are designed for certain size people. Changing the seat and back fabric to a different size may have some kind of negative effect. Most mobility equipment that folds and unfolds usually reaches the point of usable functionality and stability when completely unfolded. Changing the seat size may change that.

    Then again, all wheelchair are not alike. You might try contacting the chair manufacture,… see if they can help.

  2. I have a similar question…
    Can I change the size of my wheelchair back and seat simply by changing the seat and back size on the same wheelchair. I have an 24″ seat and need to be 20″?

  3. Can you change the size of a wheelchair back and seat simply by changing the seat and back size on the same wheelchair. I have an 18″ seat and need it to be at least 28″.

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