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Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental

Wheelchair Accessible Van

Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Van

Caregivers who care for a patient in a wheelchair need a lift-equipped van when it is time to go places.  If the patient has a doctor’s appointment,  or  there’s a family gathering to attend, or there’s an opportunity for a long trip, the first consideration is how to transport the wheelchair-user.

Take the situation of helping the wheelchair-user get into a  car.  If the patient cannot stand at all, they’ll need to remain in the wheelchair or be lifted and placed into the car. Is the caregiver able to do that? And get the wheelchair loaded in and out of the car independently?

It is not easy.

If the patient can stand momentarily, you could possibly use a transport chair. Transport wheelchairs  are smaller and lighter   making them  much easier for the caregiver to fold and load in the trunk.

If the patient has adequate mobility, a transfer board, which helps the user to slide into the car without standing up ,  can help the patient be seated  in a car.

Safety of both the caregiver and the patient is the most important  factor in these decisions.

Fortunately, there is another available option for caregivers and wheelchair-users .

Lift-Equipped Vans

Renting a wheelchair accessible van is a solution  to consider in these situations. These vans are modified with equipment that will lower, and then lift   wheelchair and the patient  into the van.  The wheelchair is secured inside the van.  A licensed driver  can then drive the van to the destination. The van can then be parked in a handicapped space and the wheelchair–user lowered to the ground at the destination.  No discomfort  for the wheelchair-user! No back strain for a caregiver!

Rentals are Available

Actually,  rental lift-equipped vans are available in most areas of the U.S.  It is possible to rent a lift-equipped wheelchair van for a day, a weekend getaway, or a lengthy vacation.

National car rental companies may or may not offer vans equipped with lifts for wheelchairs.   The rental companies may refer you to a company that specializes in renting wheelchair vans.

First of all, most wheelchair van dealers who sell wheelchair vans also offer rental vehicles.

Next, be sure to call far ahead of time and check out the auto insurance requirements, availability, and payment requirements. If your driver has never driven a van, you might want a little time to get familiar with it.   Quote from First Lady Rosalynn Carter

Here is a limited list of companies who offer rental wheelchair-lift-equipped vans.


“BraunAbility has a  wide variety of makes and models to meet you and your family’s needs. Even choose to have a front seat removed to make space for a wheelchair user. Large inventory with wheelchair restraint systems to accommodate both manual and power wheelchairs to help you get to where you need to go.  Available across the United States from coast to coast.  BraunAbility is able to deliver the right solution to more people than ever before.”

AMS Vans

“AMS-Vans is one of the largest wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturer and mobility dealers in the nation. AMS offers much more than just low-prices on quality handicap vans, we feature a robust inventory of van conversions, affordable short- or long-term handicap van rentals, online classifieds, mobility equipment sales including installation and trade-in opportunities.”

Wheelchair Getaways

“Wheelchair Getaways started as Accessible Vans of America in February of 1997. Today we remain a member owned organization made up of independent mobility dealers and local accessible transportation providers. Our purpose is to consistently provide you with the highest standards of product quality, safety and customer service to meet your wheelchair accessible vehicle needs. Our nationwide network of over 190 locations is a testament to the decades of happy customers who have used Wheelchair Getaways for their accessible vehicle rentals”


“Our mission is what drives us to assist our clients in mobility so they can Be There for routine daily activities and special life events. We do this by training our team to listen to our clients’ unique needs to fit them with the best mobility solutions, by maintaining the largest inventory in the nation of wheelchair accessible vehicles, by certifying our service teams and by making the products and services we offer accessible to everyone through our 90+ locations and Buy Direct program.”


“Wheelers has been breaking travel barriers through innovative service and products since 1987. Our mission is to have Wheelers rental affiliates available in every city in the United States and Canada. Wheelers’ objective is to connect you to the best possible solution for your transportation challenges.”

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