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Walker Bags

Walker Bags

Ideas for Seniors and Their Walker Bags

You’ve heard that commercial that asks “What’s in your wallet?”
Well, we have a question for all of you who use walker bags.



What’s in your bag?


Here’s our list of the Top Ten answers: (Drumroll, please.)

  1. Tissues
  2. My cell phone
  3. A magazine
  4. A pocket comb/ brush
  5. Coins, just a little change
  6. A pen and pad
  7. A reminder list or to-do list
  8. A pocket- size Bible or a rosary
  9. A list of phone numbers I need to call today
  10. Candies or mints

Look inside your bag now. I bet you have many of these items inside your bag.

We carry several great designs of walker bags. Take a look at these.

Walker Carryon Pouch - Front Mount
Walker Bags – Front Mount

Carryon Pouch – Do you need to be mindful about drinking water regularly? Carry that water bottle with you in the detachable beverage holder on the Carryon Pouch. The Large size is for the front of a walker; the Small size fits on the side arm of a walker or wheelchair. The Large Size has one large zipper pouch and three deep pockets. The Small size has an opaque zipper pouch and two deep pockets. Both sizes come in black.
This pouch would also be perfect for a Mom to attach to the front bar of a baby stroller. The beverage holder could hold a baby bottle!


Bag for Walker

Folding Walker Bag for a folding walker. This design fits a folding walker. It has two big pockets and should be attached to the front bar. It is made of polyester and cotton and can be washed by hand or in a gentle cycle of your washer and air-dried. It comes in two colors: Aloha Pink and Black.





Walker Bag by EZ Access
If you would like some privacy for the things you carry, then use this bag which has a roomy zipper-pouch that no one can see through.
This comes in large and small sizes. The large size easily attaches to the front of a walker.
The small size can fit on the side arm of a walker or the side arm of a wheelchair. Both sizes have that opaque zipper-closing pouch. Both

Walker Bags | Front Mount
Universal Bag

sizes come in black nylon. The fabric makes this bag easy to keep clean, and can hide whatever stains your unwrapped leftover candies might make inside.
This bag is not just for a walker or wheelchair. The small bag could also fit on the side arm of a couch or a side chair or rocking chair with arms in your home or office, so you can have your necessities right at hand. The bag attaches with adjustable straps.



As you move about your house, carry all those necessities with you in your organized, well stocked walker bag.


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