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VA Caregiver Support

VA Caregiver Support

VA Caregiver Support Line

November 11 is Veterans’ Day in the U.S. While we Americans remember all those who have served, particularly those who lost their lives while serving in the military. We also want to remember the family members who cared for them, now and in the past.  We owe those who served and those who serve them a great deal of respect, and the VA Caregiver Support Line can help.

Courses Available

The Veterans Affairs Family Caregiver Support department is celebrating Family Caregiver Month in November. Veterans of all ages and their caregivers may benefit from these services, and help is a phone call away to the VA Caregiver Support Line.

Learn more about Caregiver Support.

PsychArmor Institute

One of the most innovative and relevant educational programs for caregivers  we have seen consists of free, web-based courses offered by the VA Caregiver Support Line in cooperation with PsychArmor Institute’s School for Military Veteran Caregivers and Families. The courses are meant for those who live with and care for active service members, and veterans.

Relevant Topics

The topics are pertinent to real-life caregiver support for a veteran. One of them that we think is particularly helpful is titled “Coaching a Loved One Into Care”, how to talk to your veteran about seeking help. For many family members of veterans of any age, getting the vet himself or herself to ask for help is a real, ongoing hurdle. Mothers and dads worried about the mental health and depression of their vet face this first obstacle. Wives who see signs of depression in their vet husband may be in turmoil about how to calmly start the conversation about getting some help.

You may also be interested in “Live-In” Caregiver.

Some Techniques

This video speaks directly to those family members of vets who have tried and tried to talk to the vet about getting help for mental health and physical problems. Interested caregivers can learn how to forego the yelling, the confrontation, the excuses, and ultimatums in these conversations, and learn some techniques to break down barriers and get cooperation and collaboration

Good Grief Course

“Good Grief” is the title of another free course for caregivers which is meant to help caregivers cope with a death of a loved one. The video addresses other losses suffered by caregivers of military members as well.  While addressing military members’ caregivers,   the topics are relevant to VA caregivers support in general.

You can find these courses and over a dozen free, self-paced, web-based courses by visiting the caregivers and families section of the PsychArmor Web site.

Help of all kinds is available to caregivers of veterans. Just ask! Call the VA Caregiver Support Line toll free 1-855-260-3274 to learn more or go online to


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