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Tub-Guard Safety Rail

Tub Gaurd Safety Rail

Tub-Guard Safety Rail and Bathroom Safety

There are many of us today that aren’t as agile as we use to be. We take walks, but not quite as long a walk as we use to. We cringe when we see a long stair case. We like using handrails. I turned 60 a few months ago and I speak the truth when I say, its tuff getting old and slow.

Here’s the problem.
The bathroom is known as one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. I think it’s because of the wet surfaces and the hard porcelain fixtures. Many people spend quite a lot to remodel their bathroom and improve its safe use. People often use them at night, when they’re less alert. Everyday actions — closing your eyes to rinse off shampoo, say — can throw off your balance. “Bathroom falls are major bone-breakers, particularly for older women with osteoporosis,” said Kent Mickelson, director of the Center for Independence of the Disabled.

Here’s a suggestion.
The Tub-Guard Safety Rail is an inexpensive way to increase your safety during bath time.

Tub-Guard Safety Rail
Tub Guard – Standard

It is made by Graham-Field, (Lumex) one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of medical products in the health care industry. It is available in two sizes: standard (12″ height) and tall (16 ½” height) The tall model provides two gripping surfaces and usually cost about $5 more.

The Tub-Guard Safety Rail operates by a clamping mechanism that installs without the use of any tools. But it’s not meant for use with every tub. These clamps are for tubs with walls 2 ½”- 6 ¼” thick. And the manufacture states that they will not work with Fiberglass tubs.

Still, chances are you may have a cast iron or steel tub that fits the required specs. They’re fairly common. It’s what I have in my house.

Here’s how they help.
The Tub-Guard® Safety Rail has a textured, contoured handle which provides a good gripping surface. The clamp holds firmly to tub wall without marring tub surface and installs easily without tools. The tall model provides two gripping surfaces to facilitate both entry and exit from tub. The Tub-Guard Safety Rail is meant for balance assistance and is not meant to be weight bearing. However, Graham-Field states that it’s maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs. – EVENLY DISTRIBUTED

Here’s Pro’s and Con’s

  • Pro’s
  1. Installs and removes with ease.
  2. No tools required.
  3. No changes or remolding required to existing fixtures.
  4. Does not mar or damage the tub.
  5. Provides balance assistance getting in and out of tub.
  6. Can be used for travel.
  7. Relatively inexpensive.
  • Con’s
  1. Not intended for use on fiberglass tubs.
  2. Not intended for weight bearing use.

Here’s where to get it.
You can search for the Tub-Guard® Safety Rail and find them multiple places throughout the web. But I believe you’ll find your best price right HERE at

Have you used the Tub-Guard® Safety Rail in your home? We’d love to hear your opinion.

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