Caregivers and Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

Are you a caregiver who just has too much to do at this time of the year? Add shopping, entertaining, traveling and celebrating the holidays to your already full-plate of daily caregiving and you are likely to feel overwhelmed soon. This article will help.

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Cat Companion for Seniors

cat companion

Cats make great companions for Seniors. Cats are interesting, and just imagine the stories that a senior could tell about the things that the cat did today! Find out more about cats as companions.

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Prepare for a Comfortable and Safe Stay

Traveling Seniors - Comfortable and Safe Stay

Preparing to Have a Comfortable and Safe Stay Holidays are a favorite time for travel for most people. Caregivers and care-receivers can also enjoy traveling during the summer, with a little more planning and preparation to have a comfortable and safe stay while you visit….

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Recreational Listening for Seniors

Recreational Listening Seniors

CML provides hours of interesting and worthwhile listening for seniors and their caregivers in an accessible and free format. This article will help you learn more about it..

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Seniors at the Pool

seniors at the pool

Seniors at the Pool – Rules for Safe Use Summer is a good time to recall some safety rules for swimmers and non-swimmers at the pool.   For caregivers and seniors at the pool, safety at your home or elsewhere should be a top priority. There….

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Visiting Relatives

National Senior Citizens’ | visiting relatives

When visiting an elderly friend or loved-one, try to be receptive to their strength and patience. We all love to see old friends but we’re not always up to a marathon visit.

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Pet Care Assistance

Pet Care Assistance

Many seniors today have pets that are extremely important to them. They’re like a favorite companion. But tight budgets can limit their ability to properly care for them. This article will explore different options for pet care assistance.

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Senior Citizens’ Center

Caregiving Basics, senior citizen's center

If you’re looking for a Senior Citizens’ Center in your area you’ll probably discover that you have choices. How to choose? This article will give you some information that will help you make a choice that best suits your needs.

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Senior Centers and Their Variety of Services

Senior Centers - caregiver

Senior Centers play an important role in the quality of life of aging loved ones. There are many different types offering a many different services. Meals, exercise, companionship and even some medical care. This article will look at the wide variety of helpful services you….

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Senior Activity Ideas

senior activity ideas

Helping seniors remain active can improve their quality of life. When their endurance and mobility restrict their efforts, it may be up to you to create interesting ideas for activities. Here’s a few suggestions.

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