Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy - Fork, Knife, Napkin

When you’re hungry it’s easy to mindlessly grab a handful of chips or cookies or some other snack filled with fat and sugar. With a decently stocked pantry and refrigerator, and a couple of extra minutes, you can eat healthy and create easy, guilt-free snacks….

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Free Recipes for Healthy Living!

Still life with fresh tomatoes

The whole family will enjoy these recipes even if none of them have diabetes. If you are the cook at your house, you know the need for some new healthy meals sometimes. And this couldn’t be easier or cost less.

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Diabetics and their Caregivers

3D Effect Icon "Diabetes"

 Are you caring for a diabetic patient?  Or do you have diabetes yourself? Or, perhaps you are worried that you might have diabetes? My Health Advisor at the website of the American Diabetes Association may be just the helper you are seeking. My Health Advisor….

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Swallowing Problems in Elderly

swallowing problems in elderly

When the elderly develop swallowing problems it can cause their overall quality of life to decline. A good nutritious diet is important to maintain. If you are experiencing this problem, here are sources and suggestions for help. Continue reading to find out more.

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Staying Cool in the Summertime


It’s summer and it’s hot here in Texas.  It’s probably getting hot wherever you are this summer.  And that heat can be dangerous to those who work or exercise outdoors, to the youngest children, to the elderly, and to anyone who is unable to stay….

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Kitchen Safety Tips

Carrots and celery

Convenience and Safety at Mealtimes. When one has problems with vision, mobility, or coordination, working in the kitchen can become hazardous. Instead of giving up cooking for yourself and others, plan ahead to overcome those inconveniences and obstacles in the kitchen.  Bring back the happiness….

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