Dispose Medicine Properly

dispose medicine properly

When it’s time to clear-out old medicines, we should determine how and where to safely dispose of it. Some meds can just be trashed while others cannot. Well take a look a ways to help do it right.

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Elevated Leg Rest

elevated leg rest

Do you have swollen, tired and aching legs after a day of standing? Elevating your legs can help. These tips will tell seniors and caregivers how to properly elevate your legs to get some relief.

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Pulse Oximeter

pulse oximeter

The fingertip pulse oximeter is very useful in determining the oxygen levels in the blood. But they can’t tell you everything about your blood. Read here to find out what then can and cannot do, how to use them and how they work.

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We’re Waiting – We’re Waiting

waiting room

Waiting rooms can be very frustrating. Especially if your sick or you brought a sick kid along. Sometimes the wait is legitimate,.. sometimes it’s not. I’m sure we could all tell a few stories. –

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Home Monitoring System for Seniors

monitoring system for seniors

Many people are caregivers of elderly parents in today’s world. The job gets really difficult when the parent lives apart from you. Keeping them independent and safe can be made simpler by using a home monitoring system.

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Medication Reminder

medication reminder

It is important to find a reliable method to assure that medications are taken, are taken safely, and are taken at the right times, as prescribed. Medication management is an important part of caregiving, so take some time to find what will work for your….

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Winter Skin Care for Elderly

winter skin care right height for a cane

Dry skin can be a real problem during the winter months. With the heaters running to keep out the cold and the lack of quality outdoor time, skin can become dry and flaky. Using proper precautions you can limit your exposure. Here are some helpful….

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The Importance of Time

importance of time - clock face

Managing your time is one thing,.. saving time is important – if you can do it,.. making time is just an expression. How you use your time when your being pulled in every direction can get confusing. Here’s a few thoughts that may help you….

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Third-Hand Smoke

third-hand smoke

When cigarettes are smoked, about half of the smoke is inhaled by the smoker, and the other half floats in the air, often breathed in by other people This article lists some steps to clean your home of “third-hand smoke.” This environmental hazard affects the….

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