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Skin Protectant

AmeriDerm PeriShield Skin Protectant Ointment Caregiver–Aid offers customers a skin protectant cream for use by incontinence patients.  The purpose of AmeriDerm PeriShield ointment is to treat rash and skin irritations caused by skin contacting adult diapers, briefs or pads, and by urine or stool.  Perishield is an ointment which contains zinc oxide as the active…

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Reducing Incontinence

helping aging parents - Reducing Incontinence

Methods of Reducing Incontinence Accidents If you have been caring for an incontinent adult, you probably have experienced the frustration, inconvenience and even embarrassment of incontinence for both yourself and the incontinent patient.  Handling toileting and accidents can take over a caregiver’s life and make every day a difficult day.  Here are three methods of…

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