MS Focus, the magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Caregiving Basics, senior citizen's center

The magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offers many good articles that are informative and helpful to M.S. patients and to their caregivers.  The magazine MS Focus is a quarterly magazine available free to patients, their family members, and those interested in multiple sclerosis.  The….

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Swallowing Problems in Elderly

swallowing problems in elderly

When the elderly develop swallowing problems it can cause their overall quality of life to decline. A good nutritious diet is important to maintain. If you are experiencing this problem, here are sources and suggestions for help. Continue reading to find out more.

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Great source to help you afford prescription medications.

prescription assistance

Do you need financial help to afford your prescription medications? You are not alone. The cost of prescription medications can be high, and the stress of trying to afford medications on a limited income is a frustration common to many caregivers and patients. There are….

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