At Your Front Door

Stairs are trouble for disabled.

Thresholds can be troublesome to cane, walker, and wheelchair users. If you have a threshold at any door over ¾ inch to 6 inches in height, a threshold ramp would be a good solution for that doorway.

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Ambulation Gait Belt

Using an Ambulation Gait Belt

Gait belts are needed to assist people with mobility or balance issues. They allow physical therapists or other helpers to have a way to hold and assist without grabbing the patient’s arm. This article will reveal proper use.

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In and Out of Bed Safely

turning a patient - in and out of bed safely

Help a Senior In and Out of Bed Safely Getting in and out of bed safely is one of those things you never really think about. You just climb into bed, go to sleep, and wake up rested. But, as we age our body starts….

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Kitchen Safety

kitchen safety

Kitchens can be a very busy place in the home. Special considerations should be given to its safe use and functionality. This article will help with a check list of potential issues.

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Doorway Hazard Solutions

Find solutions for the fall hazards in and around your home, especially around the entrance and exit doorways where Fall Prevention is often most needed.

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Fall Prevention Planning

choosing a wheelchair ramp / fall prevention planning

Fall Prevention Planning is Important to Caregivers Fall prevention planning is a worthy consideration for those who care for a loved-one. No one is planning to fall today, but you could be the one who does, or it could be your loved one who falls. ….

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Safe Bathroom

safe bathroom

Injuries due to falls are not uncommon for seniors. Seniors may find that their home of many years has become full of fall hazards as they age. This article focuses on what can be done to provide a safe bathroom that will help prevent falls.

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Best-Fit Wheelchair

Wheel chair

There are times when any old wheelchair will do. Like for temporary use. But for most people who need a wheelchair, any adjustments that can be made to improve ease of use and mobility are welcome. Learn how to get a wheelchair that fits your….

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National Senior Citizens’ Day

National Senior Citizens’ | visiting relatives

Senior citizens have years of knowledgeable experience, dealing with normal life issues. Lets show our gratitude by making sure they have comfortable, accessible homes in safe communities.

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