Elderly Resistant Bather


Be prepared for the bath of a resistant bather, especially for a patient with dementia. A little planning will help things to go smoothly.

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Seniors Bath Time Solutions

Seniors Bath Time

Caregivers are often puzzled about how to get a reluctant senior to take a bath willingly. Here are a few suggestions which could help caregivers solve those bath time battles.

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Grab Bar Failure

Grab Bar

Grab bar failure can happen when the installation method fails and the bar releases from the wall. If the patient is depending on the bar, and it fails, the patient will most likely fall. In this case, the grab bar has become the instigator of….

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Tub-Guard Safety Rail

Tub Gaurd Safety Rail

There are many of us today that aren’t as agile as we use to be. We take walks, but not quite as long a walk as we use to. We cringe when we see a long stair case. We like using handrails. I turned 60….

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Shower Chairs with Choices

shower chairs - Senior Bathing

The average shower chair is made of strengthened plastic seating with a strong and sturdy metal framework. The plastic material is comfortable against the bare skin and is smooth to the touch. They come in different groupings of options including adjustable height, with or with-out….

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Home Evaluation You Can Live With

Home Evaluation - Plans

Home evaluation is important if you have an elderly parent or spouse with mobility issues.Your lifestyle may be further complicated by an uncooperative house. Fortunately, those type of problems can be fixed. But, finding the “best fit” for your particular situation can be a challenge….

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Bathroom Safety Check

bathroom safety check

Bathrooms are dangerous because they are usually full of hard surfaces like ceramic tile, marble and porcelain fixtures. They easily get wet and slippery. It is all too easy to fall while we’re trying to step in and out of the tub, and get on….

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