Tips for Safe Senior Bathing

shower chairs - Senior Bathing

Having a safe bath for your senior is worth a bit of effort and preparation. Especially since the bathroom has the distinction of being the place where falls occur most often. This article will suggest tips to make bath-time both comfortable and safe.

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Shower Chair Use

Shower chair for seniors

Bath safety is a big topic.Using a shower chair is a simpl answer to part of the problem. Best thing is they’re affordable, plentiful and have a wide aray of options. This article is about my experince.

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Patient Transfer Board

Patient Transfer Board

Transfer boards are used when a patient is unable to stand and move from place to place. This article will help you understand what they can do, who can use them and who should not use them.

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Nova’s Suction Cup Grab Bars

Suction Cup Grab Bar

First time I saw one of these things, I thought “No way! That thing is an accident looking for a place to happen!” But after owning one, holding it in my own hand, I must say it does have a place, a useful place in….

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Safe Bathroom

safe bathroom

Injuries due to falls are not uncommon for seniors. Seniors may find that their home of many years has become full of fall hazards as they age. This article focuses on what can be done to provide a safe bathroom that will help prevent falls.

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Tub Transfer Bench

Nova Padded Transfer Bench.

A shower can be so relaxing, can’t it? It is great to sit back and let that warm water wash away your dirt and worries. However, for a person who is elderly, injured or has a physical disability, bathing and showering can be just another….

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Bathing Incentives

elderly resistant bather

Rather than get into a no-win situation with the patient and carry on arguments which only get louder and last longer, caregivers need to try some incentives to encourage, yes, maybe even bribe, the patient so that they do not continue to resist bathing.

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Portable Bedside Commode

Commode Chair

When a person is ill or has mobility problems, getting to the bathroom can be challenging. This is especially so at night. A portable bedside commode my be just the thing you need. Find out all about them.

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Bathroom Safety for Seniors

bathroom safety

Bathrooms are great places to get hurt if your not careful. Lots of hard porcelain, and wet slippery floors. Add to that someone who has mobility issues and you’ve got a great recipe for an accident. Learn to reduce your risk here.

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The Bath-in-Bed Method

bath-in bed

Many people find it too difficult to move their loved one for bathing due to lack of mobility. In that case, one of your options is to bath in bed using the Towel-Bath-in-Bad method. This article will give you some pointers that will make the….

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