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Suitcase Ramp Convenience

EZ-Access Suitcase Ramp

Traveling with a Suitcase Ramp

Are you planning to travel this summer?  If you are a wheelchair user, then here’s a useful tip: bring along a suitcase ramp. It can make entering   and exiting  a home with steps indoors or outdoors so much easier.   And the suitcase ramp is so convenient in other situations!

These type of ramps are for manual wheelchair users, power scooter users and even walker users. It is easy to set-up and it is easy to collapse and store. The live hinge adds strength and stability to the ramp. The Signature Suitcase Ramps by E-Z Access are available two-foot, three-foot, four-feet, five-foot, six-foot and eight-foot lengths. The Advantage Suitcase Ramps come in two-foot, three-foot, four-foot, five-foot, and six-foot lengths. Both ramps have an 800-pound weight capacity.

Be sure to consult the owner’s guide of the type of chair  you intend to use on these products.  Never exceed its recommended degree of slope.  See the specifications on the page and read the instructions there as well.

All the ramps we’ve mention here are manufactured by Ez-Access Ramps, one of the lead ramp companies in the United States. There are many more to choose from to fit your particular need. They also have accessories to extend their usefulness like the Top Lip Extension that will help if you have an auto with a difficult bumper.

Are you going to bring your  wheelchair  in the van or a truck with you?  Use the suitcase ramp to ease the wheelchair out of the back of the van or off the truck bed.

In fact, we have heard of other uses for the suitcase ramp.  We know a man who uses this ramp to move his riding mower in and out of his truck bed.   Another guy uses the ramp to roll a cart of firewood up to the patio instead of bumping over the stone steps.

If your still unsure what type you may need, read this blog “Which wheelchair ramp will work best for you?” for helpful advise.

Think ahead and make access easy when you travel and visit new places. Be prepared with a suitcase ramp.


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