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Shower Chairs with Choices

shower chairs - Senior Bathing

Shower Chairs  by Nova

One of the most hazardous rooms in your home is the bathroom. Falling is a serious problem among the elderly and more than half of all falls occur in the bathroom according to the CDC. Shower chairs can be very beneficial to someone who is concerned about safety in the tub. Thought there are many different modifications you can make to in increase the safety of bath time, shower chairs are a good place to start.

The average chair is made of strengthened plastic seating with a strong and sturdy metal framework. The plastic material is comfortable against the bare skin and is smooth to the touch. Shower chairs come with different groupings of options including adjustable height, with or with-out back, safety handles and soap holders. Most are used in conjunction with a non-slip mat, grab bars and a hand held shower wand. A shower bench is used for those persons who need to slide out of a wheelchair and onto the bench. This process makes for a safe transfer without stepping over the bathtub wall one leg at a time.

Along with other possible modifications to your specific bathroom design, you can lessen the chances of a fall with shower chairs. They promote independence, improve safety and stability, help improve user’s confidence and are cost effective. Here are a few popular  chairs that are produced by Nova, one of the better manufactures of medical and mobility equipment.


Nova – 9100/9120Shower Chairs with Red Safety Handle
These Shower Chairs comes with or without back. Both have a Red Safety Handle is for extra support and balance and can be attached to either side. They also comes with non-skid rubber tips and a built-in hand held shower holder in the molded seat. Weight capacity ~ 300 lbs.

Nova 9026/9016
Nova Shower Chair
These chairs come in two basic styles, with or without a back. They have a heavy duty molded plastic seat and an aluminum anodized frame. The legs have skid resistant rubber tips to keep the chair stationary during bathing. They also have push button removable arms.  Model with back is also removable. Weight Capacity – 275 lbs.




Nova 9200 Tub Shower BoardNova Bath Board
The Nova Bath Board is an economical and convenient solution for bathing while seated. This bath board sits securely on top of the tub edges (see photo) with rubber covered clamps. It is slip resistant and will adjust to fit tubs with an inside spacing of 17” to 28”. No tools required – easy to assemble. Weight capacity – 250 lbs.



Nova folding shower seat.

Nova 9400 – Folding Shower Seat.
The Nova-9400 conveniently folds and unfolds in seconds.  It has rubber tipped feet for slip-resistance & is height adjustable from 18 to 21 inches. It has a horseshoe design seat for hygienic purposes and hand-grip access located on the back.  This makes the Nova-9400 Ideal for traveling. Weight capacity ~ 250 lbs



Nova 9121/9101Bath Seat with Back - Nova 9101
These shower chairs provides for comfortable seating for the bath or shower. Comes with or without back. Has a heavy duty molded plastic seat, non-corrosive aluminum legs and slip-resistant rubber tips. Weight Capacity: 300lbs. No Tools Required For Assembly



Nova Shower Chair
Nova Shower Chair W/Arms

Nova 9402
The Nova Shower Stool with Arms has a horseshoe design seat for hygienic purposes. It has an adjustable seat height and arms that provide added for safety and lift assistance. Weight capacity ~ 250 lbs.




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