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Recreational Listening for Seniors

Recreational Listening Seniors

Recreational Listening for  Seniors and Where to Get Information

Sometimes it’s hard to find something to fill the time of the one you are caring for, particularly if they have a vision or motor impairment.  The days can be long and boring  for both caregiver and the one needing care.  What can they do for recreation considering their limitations?  What could be interesting, entertaining, and accessible to a senior with vision and motor disabilities?

Choice Magazine Listening (CML) sends audio magazine articles to adults who have vision impairment, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, ALS, macular degeneration, dyslexia and Parkinson’s.   The service is available to individuals in nursing homes, assisted living centers, or at any residence in the U.S.  This free service is meant to provide hours of enjoyment for recreational listening seniors.

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If you are a nursing home activity director or a senior center director, this is an opportunity to provide an enjoyable activity that is completely free for the seniors you serve.   Caregivers, family members, and disabled individuals themselves can  request participation in the service.

CML provides 12 hours of selected articles from some of the best magazines which are then read aloud by the very best audiobook narrators. A special digital talking-book player is needed to listen to the audio articles, and that is provided free by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress. The digital talking-book player is portable and easy to use.  You may get a free application for the digital talking-book player at the website of Choice Magazine Listening or you may call and have an application mailed to you. Website:   or Phone: 1-888-724-6423.

The articles are mailed to your home in the form of a digital cartridge which is played on a digital talking book player.  The cartridge fits in the machine easily; just push the “ play” button and start enjoying some hours listening to some of the  current  magazine articles by some well-known authors.   You and your loved one can enjoy these for two months, then you will return the cartridge in the plastic mailer that it arrived in by the due date. And the shipping is free!

If you have a computer, you may download the Choice Listening Magazine audio articles on your computer.  You will need a thumb drive/flash memory/USB drive you can purchase at a store and a high speed internet connection.   You can read the current articles and the back issues, and build your own library using  thumb drives or purchased digital talking book cartridges.  The downloaded articles are available online at an earlier date than the mailed articles are.

CML is mailed during the first week of January, April, July, and October.  CML is provides free enjoyment accessible  to seniors. Sign up!


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