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Pureed Foods

Pureed Foods

Heat-and-Serve Pureed Foods for Patients with Swallowing Difficulty

Baby food can be boring.  Patients who have swallowing difficulty and have been put on a pureed diet can find mealtime disappointing on a daily basis.  If you or a loved one has been advised to eat pureed foods, for a temporary or permanent swallowing problem, how do you fix meals that are not just emptied from a baby food jar?

Caregivers have a lot to do, and cooking meals that have to be prepared in a different way for certain family members just adds to the schedule and the to-do list. Caregivers need a convenient way to fix a meal with pureed foods that saves time and trouble.   If you yourself need to eat pureed foods, but are not a cook, or you just don’t feel well enough to fix meals for yourself from scratch, what do you do?

Fortunately, there are some heat-and-serve pureed foods for adults who need a softer texture of food because of swallowing difficulties.

Here are a few products you can just heat-and serve made particularly for patients with swallowing difficulties.


Hormel’s Thick & Easy Purees

Hormel makes microwaveable pureed meals with the brand name Thick & Easy Purees. They are sold as a case of 7 bowls in a package. No refrigeration is needed.  The meals should be heated in the microwave, not on the stove.  There are choices for breakfast, lunch, or dinner foods. Choose from French toast or scrambled eggs for breakfast, for example. Thick and Easy dinners include lasagna and meat sauce and a meal of roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots. Reviewers praise these meals as convenient and tasty for their loved ones with dementia and throat radiation after cancer.  Hormel’s Thick & Easy Purees are available through many pharmacies and can  also be ordered online.


Thick-It canned foods

Thick-It offers 15-ounce cans of heat- and- serve main dishes and vegetable sides. These products can be heated on the stove, are microwaveable  and don’t require refrigeration. There are   choices like beef stew, green beans, and chicken a la king. Again, consumers give these foods good reviews.  Pharmacies, big-box stores, and grocery stores have Thick-It products available.


Home Delivered Meals

Mom’s Meals offers home delivery for complete meals prepared for people who need special diets.  Pureed meals are available and one can choose from a wide selection of foods on the menu.  The meals are shipped in a special packaging, not frozen,  and are delivered to your home by UPS or FedEx. Kept refrigerated after opening, the meals are safe to use for 14 days.  Patients can order 7, 10, 14 or 21 meals with a flat shipping fee of $14.95. Patients can place the order on the website themselves as self-pay customers.

Hospitals and clinics who want special-diet meals for  patients after discharge have a special program available. Mom’s Meals Care Transitions Program. A healthcare professional can arrange for orders and payment by contacting the company.

See the website for Mom’s Meals.


For more information about nutrition and swallowing disorders, see the website of the

National Foundation for Swallowing Disorders.


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