Wooden Transfer Boards by Graham Field.

These boards are solid wood construction and lacquer-coated finish.  

Comes in 5 sizes & variations.

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Wood Transfer Boards

A patient transfer board eliminates the strain on one’s back ordinarily experienced in lifting a patient completely. For a patient, a transfer boards provides safety and ease in moving to a seat. Most patients who are able to use a transfer board can learn to do it with only a little help, and some can use a transfer board completely independently.

It is useful to practice, so the patient knows what to expect and so the caregiver can be certain that the patient is safe. Caregivers should anticipate where a transfer may be regularly made in daily activities, and plan to arrange furniture and equipment for it.

Wood transfer boards are designed to aid patients when transferring from a wheelchair, bed, commode or chair and then back again.

Learn more about using transfer boards by viewing our article  “Using a Patient Transfer Board: Questions and Answers”

There are 5 different variations available to fit your different needs.


  • Solid wood construction
  • Lacquer-coated finish for smooth transfer
  • Tapered ends for easier transfer
  • Available with one or two handles

Sizes & Weight Capacities

(1 Handle)

5241-24A-1     24″L x 8″W      440 lb

5241-30A-1     30″L x 8″W      440 lb


(2 Handle)

5424-24A        24″L x 8″W     440 lb

5242-30A-1     30″L x 8″W      440 lb

5242-32A-1     32″L x10″W     735 lb


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