Walking Canes by Nova


Nova 1070 – Walking Cane

The Nova Designer Offset Canes are made out of lightweight aluminum, are adjustable, and feature a soft foam handle and wrist strap.

Determine the correct height for cane.

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Nova 1070 Walking Canes

Nova 1070 walking canes are made out of lightweight aluminum, are adjustable, and feature a soft foam handle, as well as a convenient carrying strap. The canes are 7/8″ in diameter and can adjust from 30″ to 39″ in height.

These attractive walking canes are fade and chip resistant, as well as durable and fashionable. With so many colors and styles, even a patriotic theme. It’s easy and fun to complement your mood or dress. And with their affordability, you can choose different canes for separate occasions or place them in strategic locations so they’ll always be there when you need them. Great Walking Canes.

Ambulation Gait Belt

NOVA is a leading innovator and manufacturer of Mobility, Bathroom Safety, and Independent Living products such as designer canes, rolling walkers, transport chairs, wheelchairs, bath safety, cushions, and mobility accessories.

Nova Offset Walking Canes
Nova Offset Cane – Red Bliss


  • Weight                         1 lb.
  • Diameter                     7/8″
  • Height Adjustment      30″ – 39″
  • Type Material             Aluminum
  • Weight capacity            300 lb
  • Handle Type               Offset


Limited lifetime warranty

“Don’t wait until something terrible happens, like a fall. Falls are serious and can be debilitating. A broken bone or a cracked skull is not worth the risk. There’s only one real answer. Get the right cane for you and learn how to correctly use it. You might speak with a doctor or a physical therapist or somebody who knows what they’re talking about so they can determine what type of cane will work best for you. Below are some general guidelines. They are not exhaustive but its’ a start.”  continue reading



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