Reusable Underpads

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Washable/Reusable Underpads

Nova Ultra Underpads. Great for protecting beds from incontinence moisture, especially in these large sizes. Machine wash and dry up to 250 times! Sold in pairs.

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Reusable Underpads by Nova

Reusable underpads, also called washable underpads, are large rectangular pads used to shield surfaces of all kinds from moisture issues like incontinence. They have a soft top sheet, a synthetic quilted inside that absorbs moisture, and a woven back sheet to help avoid slippage. The pads can be used on beds, furniture, wheelchairs, car seats, and more. They can be washed and used again and again, up to 250 times, making them a convenient, economical choice any caregiver.

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Who should use reusable underpads?

Reusable, washable underpads are used by caregivers to:

  • Care for loved ones who leak while wearing diapers.
  • Need to protect beds and furniture from incontinence.
  • Care for patients with lesions and sores.
  • Protect while changing feeding tubes
  • Protect while changing ostomy bags
  • Save the expense of constantly purchasing disposable pads

“The range of items available today is remarkable – so remarkable, in fact, that it can be confusing to find something that suits your symptoms and your budget. Do you choose underpads or protective underwear or something else entirely? What sort of absorbency makes sense? What size do you look for? In addition to how the product works, there are other important considerations like comfort, mobility, and ease of use.”  Continue reading at National Association for Continence.

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