Power of Red Complete Set

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Power of Red Complete Set


Molded curved sides, large red handled utensils and non-slip bottom accommodate users who have difficulty with handling utensils while eating.


Drinking cup, scoop dish and large scoop bowl are also available.

Utensil set also available.

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Power of Red Complete Set


The Power of Red Utensils are designed to assist people with Alzheimer’s & Dementia achieve better nutrition.
Studies have shown that using bright dinnerware will help increase eating and drinking for these patients.
Set includes one of each – fork, knife and spoon.



  • All Three Power of Red Utensils are Included and Feature Large, Easy to Grip Handles
  • Fork and Spoon are Bendable to Desired Position
  • Rounded Knife Blade Utilizes a Rocker Blade for Easier Cutting
  • Utensil Set Includes Bendable Fork, Spoon, and Rocker Knife
  • Red Dinnerware Includes one of each Dish, Bowl and Cup. Will Help to Increase Eating for Individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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