Nova Suction Cup Grab Bar


Nova – 8212

What a handy tool this is for making bath time a little safer, especially for anyone with balance issues. The Suction Cup Grab Bars will firmly attach and remove.  Find out more in the description below.

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Suction Cup Grab Bar by Nova

Plus you’ll never see a mark left behind with this suction cup grab bar. Considering the alternative (screw-on grab bars) these are simple, inexpensive and portable. One important point, they only work on smooth surfaces. Easy to install and there are no tools required.

From our review ~
“There are tiny little indicators that tell you if you have a good seal (green) or not (red). You are supposed to clean and dry the surface first.  So I proceeded to stick this thing onto different surfaces around the house. I tried it out on our kitchen cabinet doors and it stuck pretty good. I tried the refrigerator door which has a textured surface, and the suction cups did not like that. I stuck it to some painted doors, and got a green indicator, at first, but it would lose its grip and turn loose after a minute or two.  Well, this is fun, but how does it work in the bath?”
Read our Review of the Nova-8212 Suction Cup Grab Bar.

Specifications - Nova - 8212
Suction cup grab bars by Nova provides added support when entering & leaving a bath tub or shower
It can be installed quickly & is perfect for home or travel use.
The grab bar is easy to attach & remove & has a secure suction indicator, which displays green for secure & red for not secure.
The surface MUST be a smooth, flat and non-porous for the grab bar to hold.
This Suction Cup Grab Bar is 12 inches long.
No tools required.

Tips for Safe Senior Bathing

NOVA is a leading innovator and manufacturer of Mobility, Bathroom Safety, and Independent Living products such as designer canes, rolling walkers, transport chairs, wheelchairs, bath safety, cushions, and mobility accessories.




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