Lumex Bariatric Bath Bench

The Lumex Bariatric bath bench helps provide safe transfer into and out-of the bath tub. It allows the patient to lift one leg at a time over the tub side while the bather is in a seated position.

This bath bench has a 600 lb weight capacity.

This hygienic product is non-returnable.

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Lumex Bariatric Bath Bench with 600 lb Weight Capacity

This Lumex bariatric bath bench is for persons who have trouble safely lifting their legs over the side of the bathtub. When they bath this bench will set in a way that will enable the bather to set on the bench outside the tub and then carefully slide into the tube. Their legs are lifted over the tub rail while safely seated.

Here are some instructions from the manufacture:

Using Your Transfer Bench

NOTE: Be sure to move slowly throughout use to prevent injuries.

NOTE: Children or those who need assistance should NOT be left unattended during the use of this product.


From a seated position (such as a wheelchair):

  1. Place your wheelchair next to the bench, facing the front of the bathtub.
  2. Engage wheelchair locks.
  3. Transfer your torso to the transfer bench first, and then lift your legs into the tub. Move slowly to prevent injuries.
  4. After bathing, lift your legs out of the tub first, then your torso.


From a standing position:

  1. Sit on the side of the transfer bench that is outside of the tub.
  2. Extend your arms to grab the support arm of the bench and slide your body over onto the bench. Lift each leg over the tub slowly.
  3. Position yourself to a comfortable position in center of bench.
  4. After bathing, lift your legs out of the tub first, then your torso slowly.


Lumex Bariatric Bathtub Bench 
Overall Width29 ½"
Overall Depth20 ½"
Seat Width26 ¾"
Seat Depth16 ¼"
Seat Height16" - 20"
Clearance Beneath Frame14" - 18"
Height Of Back Support Above Seat13"
Weight Capacity600 lbs


Lumex Bariatric Bath Bench Features:

  • Provides assistance to those who have difficulty stepping over bathtub walls
  • Durable blow-molded plastic bench and backrest provide a 600 lb. weight capacity
  • Drainage holes in seat minimize water build-up
  • Extra-deep seat provides added stability
  • Anodized aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and rust-resistant
  • Seat height is adjustable in 1″ increments
  • Reversible back attachment to accommodate any bathroom
  • Attractive platinum grey color
  • Comes assembled with tool-free back attachment
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 600 lb – EVENLY DISTRIBUTED
  • Lifetime limited warranty

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