Heavy Duty Walker

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Nova Heavy Duty Walker

These Nova heavy duty walkers deliver mobility and balance assist with a 500lb weight capacity.

Nova 4095 without wheels

Nova 4095DW5 with wheels

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Heavy Duty Walker by Nova – 500 lb Weight Capacity

The Nova 4095 and 4095DW5 are a heavy duty walker designed for larger patients. These walkers offer support and balance assistance for walking. They have a frame made of aluminum which makes them very lightweight, weighing only eight pounds. But the designed provides an everyday weight support of 500 pounds!

This adult heavy duty walker has a two button release for great security. The walkers folds to 4″ in width for easy transport and storage. User-friendly instructions are included with every unit. The 4095DW5 model has 5″ fixed wheels. (meaning they don’t swivel)


The standard walker is normally used when you need some weight-bearing assistance as well as help with balance. By design, they have a wrap-around frame that the patient stands within and a hand-grip on each side for support. The most basic model has no wheels.

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Item Number:     Nova 4095
Weight Capacity      500 lb
Product Weight       8 lb
Height Adjustment:    31″ – 41″
Width Between Handles:      20.5″
Approximate User Height:    5’4″ – 6’2″
Overall Width:      24″
No Wheels

Item Number:  Nova 4095DW5
Weight Capacity:      500 lb
Product Weight:      8 lb
Height Adjustment:   31″ – 41″
Width Between Handles:   20.5″
Approximate User Height:  5’4″ – 6’2″
Overall Width:      24″
Wheels: 5″ wheels on front.

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Heavy Duty Walker

Nova 4095 (no wheels), Nova 4095DW5 (with wheels)


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