Gel Seat Cushion

MSRP: $150.00 - $195.00
You save up to $132.50


Pressure Reduction Wheelchair Cushions

The Comfort Zone Cushion utilizes layers of gel & foam that helps disperse weight to reduce sitting pressure & maximize comfort.

Wt. cap: 350lbs.

18 sizes – choose the one that’s perfect for you!



Gel Seat Cushion – Made in America

The ComfortZone Gel Seat Cushion is manufactured in the USA, from the highest quality materials and workmanship.  From cushions and mattresses to provide comfort to high specification advanced pressure reduction mattresses Telemade can provide the product to meet your needs.

The gel seat cushion is ideal for preventive therapy w/patients at risk of developing pressure sores. The “Y” designed 3 cell bladder allows proper gel placement a foam top for maximum comfort & pressure reduction. The convoluted top allows for an air barrier between foam & cover for a drier seat. Nylon cover is fluid proof, tear resistant, bacteria resistant, antistatic, fire resistant, comfort & stain resistant.


Comes in 18 different sizes!gel seat cushion - made in america
3” –  4″ thick
Weight cap: 350 lbs.


Choose the size that’s perfect for you.

tape measure for gel seat cushionMeasure “front to back” for Depth, and “side to side” for Width.


  • 14″D X 16″W
16″ Depth
  • 16”D x 16”W
  • 16”D x 18”W
  • 16”D x 20”W
  • 16”D x 22”W
  • 16”D x 24”W
18″ Depth
  • 18”D x 16”W
  • 18”D x 18”W
  • 18”D x 20”W
  • 18”D x 22”W
  • 18”D x 24”W
  • 18”D x 26”W
20″ Depth
  • 20″D x 18″W
  • 20”D x 20”W
  • 20”D x 22”W
  • 20”D x 24”W
  • 20”D x 26”W
22″ Depth
  • 22”D x 22”W

“If a standard gel seat cushion does not meet your needs, we can get you a quote for a customized cushion made to your specifications. Simply contact us with your needs. We’ll be happy to help. There’s no obligation to buy. Quotes usually take 2 or 4 business days.”


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