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Wheelchair Cushions

The Comfort Zone Cushion utilizes layers of gel & foam that helps disperse weight to reduce sitting pressure & maximize comfort

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Gel Seat Cushion

The ComfortZone Gel Seat Cushion is manufactured from quality materials and workmanship.

Ideal for preventive risk of developing pressure sores. The “Y” designed 3 cell bladder allows proper gel placement a foam top for maximum comfort & pressure reduction. The convoluted top allows for an air barrier between foam & cover for a drier seat. Nylon cover is fluid proof, tear resistant, bacteria resistant, antistatic, fire resistant, comfort & stain resistant.


Comes in many different sizes.
3” –  4″ thick
Weight cap: 325 lbs.


Choose the size that’s perfect for you.

tape measure for gel seat cushionMeasure “front to back” for Depth, and “side to side” for Width.


16″ Depth
  • 16”D x 16”W (out of stock)
  • 16”D x 18”W  (out of stock)
  • 16”D x 20”W  (out of stock)
  • 16”D x 22”W
  • 16”D x 24”W  (out of stock)
18″ Depth
  • 18”D x 16”W
  • 18”D x 18”W (out of Stock)
  • 18”D x 20”W
  • 18”D x 22”W  (out of stock)
  • 18”D x 24”W
  • 18”D x 26”W
20″ Depth
  • 20″D x 18″W  (out of stock)
  • 20”D x 20”W
  • 20”D x 22”W
  • 20”D x 24”W
  • 20”D x 26”W