Folding Travel Cane

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Nova Folding Travel Cane

Adjustable folding travel cane with semi-soft grip handle. Height adjustment from 33″ to 37″

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Nova 3040 – Folding Travel Cane

This Nova folding travel cane is made out of lightweight aluminum. It has a semi-soft grip handle with an included wrist strap and is latex-free. It folds up nicely, is very strong and can be taken anywhere. Both functional and fun, ready to fold and store in a purse or backpack. This cane comes in three colors. Black, Blue and Pink.

This folding  cane is 3/4 inch in diameter and adjust from 33 inch to 37 inch in height.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Colors: Pink & Blue
  • Approximate User Height: 5’1″ – 6’0″
  • Height Adjustment: 32.75″ – 36″
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb
  • Cane Weight: 1 lb
  • Handle Type: Derby

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