Donut Cushion


Donut Cushion – Molded Foam Comfort Ring

Aids in the prevention of pressure sores while providing your loved-one comfort and support.

Machine washable cover. Three sizes – Blue or Plaid cover.

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Molded Foam Donut Cushion

Nova’s molded foam donut cushion is made of high compression polyurethane foam that conforms to the body contours to provide comfort and support when sitting for long periods of time. This cushion will help in the prevention of pressure sores. It has a removable, machine washable polyester/cotton cover. Flame retardant foam materials. Designed to allow patients with pain in the coccyx area to sit comfortably. It is good for those with painful hemorrhoids or a broken coccyx.

2 1/2″ Thick  –  Weight Cap: 250 lbs.

Donut Cushion – Size & Color

Model NumberDimensionsColor
2672-R14” wide x 10” deep Blue
2672P-R14” wide x 10” deep Plaid
2673-R16” wide x 12.75” deep Blue
2673P-R16” wide x 12.75” deep Plaid
2674-R18” wide x 15” deep Blue
2674P-R18” wide x 15” deep Plaid

Cervical Pillow by Nova

Cervical Pillow by Nova

The average American spends 8 hours a day sleeping and that average tends to grow as we age and certainly does when we are in need of more rest in recovery. Having the right size and shaped cushion can give your body the perfect support or angle so your body can rest and you can sleep. Continue->


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