Bath Safety Set #1

This Bath Safety Set includes three great items to help provide you with the basics you need to remain safe when you bathe.

Nova 9121 Shower Seat without back
Lumex 12042 Deluxe hand held shower
Nova 9350 Anti-slip bath mat (white)

Purchased together you save 18%!

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Bath Safety Set 1

The Bath Safety Set 1 has a seat made of strengthened plastic seating with a strong and sturdy metal framework. The plastic material is comfortable against the bare skin and is smooth to the touch. Shower seats come with different groupings of options including adjustable height, with or with-out back, safety handles and soap holders. Most are used in conjunction with a non-slip mat and a hand held shower wand.

A shower bench is used for those persons who need to slide out of a wheelchair and onto the bench. This process makes for a safe transfer without stepping over the bathtub wall one leg at a time. Here you can learn more about Nova, the maker of all three items in the Bath Safety Set #1.


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Shower is a seated position improves fall prevention. When closing eyes to wash face or hair, some persons can lose their balance.

A Shower wand makes it possible to stay seated an control the spray.

The anti-slip mat help prevent slipping when getting in and out of the tub/shower.


Bath Safety Set 1 includes the following:



Bath and Shower Seat – The Nova-9121 provides for comfortable seating for the bath or shower. It has Heavy Duty Molded plastic seat and non corrosive aluminum legs.



Anti-Slip Bath Mat


Lumex 12042

Deluxe hand held shower



The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. Wet floors and hard porcelain fixtures makes for terrible situation. Especially for people with balance or mobility issues. This set may not be a cure-all but it’s a great place to start.