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Adult diapers for heavy/extended wear incontinence.

Attends® Protective Underwear provides protection for moderate to heavy incontinence.

Sold by the Case. (4 bags per case)

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Attends Overnight For Heavy/Extended Wear Incontinence.

Roughly 12 percent of Americans are age 65 and older, and that number is expected to grow to 20 percent by 2030. This has created a growing demand for adult incontinence products that allow a high degree of mobility and freedom. Soft, comfortable and discreet, Attends Overnight Protective underwear are perfect for mature adults and for people of all ages who experience incontinence.

Worn under clothing just like regular underwear, Attends Overnight adult protective Attends Overnightincontinence underwear have a cloth-like feel and a slim profile with a comfortable, stretch waistband. They are made of breathable material that allows excellent air flow to promote dry, healthy skin, while a moisture-proof inner layer prevents leakage. Attends Overnight protective underwear offers the ultimate discreet protection for moderate to heavy incontinence – giving users the freedom to live life with confidence.


  • Attends Overnight is the most absorbent underwear for extended wear – day or night!
  • Contains additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for 50% more absorbency  than traditional* protective underwear
  • Breathable, air flow material for dry, healthy skin
  • Triple-tier moisture locking system (cellulose fibers, microporous acquisition layer, super absorbent polymer) for exponential improvements in absorbency while promoting skin health and managing odor.
  • Sold by the Case  (4 bags per case)
  • Shipped in a discrete packaging.

Number of adult diapers per case varies with the size of diapered ordered.

Medium (34″ – 44″)
120 – 175 Lbs
APPNT20 Overnight
1 cs. = 4 bags of 16 = 64

Large (44″ – 58″)
170 – 210 Lbs
APPNT30 Overnight
1 cs. = 4 bags of 14 = 56

X-Large (58″ – 68″)
210 – 250 Lbs
APPNT40 Overnight
1 cs. = 4 bags of 12 = 48




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