Attends Night Preserver Underpads

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Attends underpads help promote healthy skin, while at the same time protecting mattresses and chairs. Perfect for standard, everyday use.

For Heavy Absorbency.

Sold by the Case.


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Attends Night Preserver Underpads

Attends Night Preserver underpads are rectangular absorbent pads designed to protect your bed, chairs, and other furniture, and come in a variety of sizes.Great for home use as well as hospitals and Attends Night Preserverother medical centers.

The Attends Night Preservers are made with soft, non-woven top layers for wicking fluid away from the skin. Cellulose fibers make them comfortable and absorbent, and a strong, leak-proof back-sheet holds fluid

Night Preserver Underpads are used in hospitals, nursing homes and in the home. They are made with soft, non-woven top layers for wicking fluid away from the skin. Each pad contains additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers, and a strong, leak-proof backsheet to help hold fluids.

For heavy absorbency.

Total number of pads per case changes with the size of pad ordered

Pad Size 30 x 30
#UFPP – 300
Heavy Absorbency
20 bags of 5 = 100

Pad Size 30 x 36
#UFPP – 360
Heavy Absorbency
10 bags of 10 = 100

Pad Size 36 x 36
#UFPP – 366
Heavy Absorbency
10 bags of 5 = 50

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