AmerCare Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Gloves product are used in the medical, janitorial, food service, and a variety of other fields.

There are 100 disposable gloves per box.

Sold in three box packs.

Limited Stock

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AmerCare Vinyl Gloves

Four sizes available – Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Sold only in three box packs.

Since 1987, AmerCare, Inc has been a family-owned business satisfying the glove product needs of virtually every type of market for 25 years. They offer gloves made of the most advanced materials available, providing excellent performance, comfort and value, while eliminating concerns about allergic reactions.

Vinyl GlovesAmerCare products include these powder-free gloves made from latex-free synthetics vinyl. These vinyl gloves offer customers excellent options to meet latex allergy concerns cost-effectively with advanced products delivering the utmost in convenience, stretchable comfort and lasting utility, no matter what the application.

Order AmerCare Vinyl Gloves by Pack of Three boxes and save.

Question –
Why do some people use latex and some use synthetic?

Answer –

  • Preference – This one is easy because the two gloves feel much different while wearing them. Some people just like one better than the other. Nitrile is much closer to the latex “feel” than vinyl but still does not stretch like latex.
  • Protection – Latex provides better protection against viruses and bacteria. Vinyl and nitrile protect much better against chemicals but the protection against viruses and bacteria has not been shown to be as good. Nitrile does protect better than vinyl against viruses.
  • Price – Latex is usually cheaper. Vinyl pricing is very close to latex but nitrile and other synthetics are normally much higher.
    Availability – Latex is more available than synthetics simply because it is in higher demand. The ratio is at least 10 to 1 even today with the increase in latex allergies.
  • Allergies – Some allergic reactions are brought on by the use of latex. This is explained in detail in Latex Allergies FAQs


SENSI FLEX PF – Powder-Free Synthetic PVC Examination Gloves (Vinyl)

AmerCare Vinyl Gloves 500 Series Product Information

  • 100% Latex Free
  • 100% Powder Free
  • Eliminates allergies associated with latex proteins and powder
  • High elasticity and tensile strength
  • Advanced polyvinyl chloride formulation








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