wheelchairWheelchairs and Transport Chairs

Transport wheelchairs are lighter than standard wheelchairs and combine the function of a wheelchair with the portability of a rollator. They are meant to be pushed by a family member or caregiver and the lightweight makes them easy to fold and load into the car. In our experience as family caregivers, we found the need to have both the standard wheelchair and the transport chair. The standard wheelchair benefited the user with a more comfortable fit. The transport chair benefited the caregiver who had to fold and load the chair when traveling.

When you decide which type of chair you want, you’ll need to do further research into the size and features needed to achieve a “best-fit”.  Soliciting the aid of a Physical Therapist is a good idea at this point. They will be able to evaluate the user and then give you guidance in choosing your perfect chair.

To learn more about the particulars of a standard wheelchair and how they adjust to the user’s size, read my article Choosing a Wheelchair.

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Showing all 12 results