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Portable Toilet Chair

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Portable Toilet Chair and the Best Way to Clean

A portable toilet chair can certainly make toileting easier for patients.  If it is used over the standard commode, the arms can help a patient with balance issues and help them to sit and to stand at the toilet with more stability.  If it is used as a bedside toilet, the portable toilet chair saves steps for the patient and lessens the risk of falling when it is urgent to get to a toilet.

The portable toilet chair can be a source of bad odors and germs however, if it is not cleaned frequently. Cleaning the toilet after each use is quite easy. Simply empty the contents of the bucket or bowl into the commode and flush.  Rinse the bowl with some water and disinfectant, scrub it with a brush, then drain it.    Clean the toilet seat with some disinfectant wipes or a paper towel dampened with disinfectant.  Wash your hands.

Deeper Cleaning

At least once a week, do some deeper cleaning on the portable toilet chair and the bowl.

Empty the bucket,  and put it in the shower or tub.  Put the whole chair in a tub or shower, and run hot water on it.  Spray   the   legs, toilet seat and bucket with disinfectant.  If you  would prefer to use a natural cleaner, use ½ cup of vinegar mixed with 2 cups of water, and pour it over the chair. Use  a  brush or a sponge to wipe it off.  Dry off the chair, bucket and  toilet seat with paper towels, or let it air dry.   The metal legs of the chair can rust if they are constantly wet, so try to keep them dried off.

It is helpful to keep some spray disinfectant and paper towels or some disinfectant wipes near the toilet chair for cleaning.  Be aware that some brands of disinfectant wipes are not  supposed to be  flushed down the toilet.

Using Liners

There are disposable liners that fit into portable toilet chair buckets, if you would prefer to handle the waste in a bag and dispose of it.  The liners neutralize bad odors.   Those can be ordered at our website. Look at the package of absorbent liners called CareBag in our Bath Shop. These eliminate cleaning the bucket of the portable toilet chair frequently.

Parts of the portable toilet chair are replaceable. For example, if you need a new bucket or a new sleeve that fits into your toilet, those parts can be ordered from the manufacturer. See the information pages that came with the product.  Be aware that parts are not universal;  you have to get the parts that will fit your particular brand of toilet chair.

The portable toilet chair will last for several years, and it offers patients a lot of convenience and safety.  Cleaning the surfaces each day and the whole chair each week is easy!

3 thoughts on “Portable Toilet Chair

  1. I found it interesting how you mentioned how you should do a deep cleaning at least once a week to make sure your portable toilet works as best as possible. My mother is getting older and we have realized that a portable toilet can be a good solution for her because of her limited mobility. I will be sure to keep this in mind as we search for a portable toilet that will work for her!

  2. I liked that you explained that routine maintenance for your portable toilet is crucial to ensuring that it is sanitary to use and that there are toilet liners that can make your job easier. I have been thinking about getting portable toilets for events that I host but have been worried that I wouldn’t know what proper cleaning precautions to take. I will be sure to inform myself and purchase toilet liners to simplify the job.

  3. Just to be sure Ashley, we’re talking about “bed-side toilets”, not outdoor portable toilets. :o)

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