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Portable Ramp

Suitcase Ramp Singlefold - Portable Ramp

Choosing the Correct Portable Ramp

A portable ramp can be quite useful. “Portable” means that the ramp is not permanently attached to your home. The  ramp can be picked up and removed, or even carried around with you as you travel. The type and size you get depends on the needs of the person and the place where it will be used.

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In order to get your best-fit, you should take some time to get all the facts. It may require the input from physical therapist to evaluate the user’s abilities. And it may involve a tape measure, so you can determine heights and widths and what’s required for safe mobility.

Before you make for choice, let’s go over a few things that will help you choose the correct portable ramp.

Where Will You Use It

First, determine where and how many locations you’ll need the ramp, such as doorways, stairs, automobiles, etc. Choose the location with the highest vertical rise or the most steps. This will be your most difficult location to travel. Use this location to measure for your portable ramp.portable ramp

Next, it will be necessary to determine the degree of incline (slope) at the location(s) where you will be using your new portable ramp. A ramp that is too short will result in a steep rate of incline which is hazardous for the user, and difficult, if not impossible, to use safely

See the article “Porch Steps for Senior Safety”

Learn About Slope Angle (Incline)

Then, use these instructions for help in measuring your location and determining your degree of slope.


Electric Wheelchair/ Scooter  on a Ramp

If the patient is using an electric wheelchair/scooter, review the manufacturer’s equipment manual to find out about the ideal degree of slope for your particular model.

Manual Wheelchair  and Walker on a Ramp

If the patient is using a manual wheelchair, a caregiver must never allow a user to travel on the ramp without assistance. A caregiver must guide the chair up and down, and must always be mindful of the wheelchair user’s position. A wheelchair user should ALWAYS be belted into the chair.

For safety, a caregiver should also closely monitor a person using a standard walker or a rolling walker on a ramp. The caregiver may need to walk alongside the walker user, and assure that the user is balanced and on-course when on the ramp.

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  1. My grandmother’s mobility has been declining recently. We purchased a wheelchair ramp to ensure she can get in and out of the house easily. I didn’t realize that if a person uses a manual wheelchair that somebody should be there to assist them. I’ll be sure to share this info with my family.

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