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Using a Portable Bedside Commode

A portable bedside commode is a useful item for many patients. Patients who may benefit from a portable commode include those with mobility problems, but are able to stand steadily for five minutes or so for toileting. Those who suffer from urinary incontinence and can’t hold their urine for long enough can be helped by a nearby portable commode also.  Patients who are unable to walk to the bathroom independently on another floor of the house at night, but can safely get out of bed and use the bedside commode independently will also find this commode convenient.

Near your portable commode, we recommend that you have some particular products that  will make the job of cleaning up  the patient easier. Whether the patient cleans himself or you have to do so, it is important to have products for the job.   You might want to get our handy Storage Bag for Bathing and attach it to the sidearm of the commode.  While a fabric walker bag might also work attached here, the Storage Bag for Bathing is made of vinyl mesh and is waterproof, so if there’s an accidental urine spill, then no worry, it wipes right off.

Inside the Storage Bag

In the Storage Bag, you will need some vinyl or latex gloves, a roll of toilet paper, a pack of Attends washcloths and  some Perishield Skin Protectant Cream.  I found that PeriShield Skin cream was very helpful in treating reddened or cracked skin and preventing sores around the buttocks. I used it liberally and regularly on patients. It contains lanolin and petrolatum to maintain moisture and protect the skin.

Wearing gloves may seem a little extreme to caregivers who have probably changed diapers before, but they do keep your hands clean and odor-free.  The Attends washcloths are disposable and something less you would have to launder.  Find these items in our Incontinence department of our website.  See the Storage Bag for Bathing  in our Bath Shop department and the other items in our Incontinence department.

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Other Toileting Tips

You might want to consider covering the floor under the commode, just to make sure that urine spills or drips do not stain the floor or cause a slip-hazard.  You might put a  vinyl-backed bathroom mat under the portable commode and weight the mat down with the legs of the commode so it is not a slip-hazard. The bathmat is not there for the patient to stand on, but to catch any urine spills. It is placed under the bedside commode, not in front of the commode.

Another tip when helping a patient on the toilet at night, particularly, is to avoid accidentally soiling the back of a woman’s nightgown or a gentleman’s long night shirt.  It is so easy to get urine or feces on the back of gown or shirt when they are sitting on the beside toilet. That’s why I encouraged the ladies in our care to wear pajamas instead of long nightgowns for sleeping.

Dress in Pajamas

By wearing pajamas, they were able to avoid soiling the back of their night clothing. With a long nightgown, the caregiver had to move the back of gown out of the way when toileting.

Dispose of the waste in a regular toilet, just flushing it away. Then rinse out the  commode bowl with clean water and dispose of that water in the toilet also.  I used a household disinfectant spray or a wipe on the bowl and seat to discourage germs and odors.

The portable bedside commode is a convenience with safety in mind that is a real help to caregivers and patients.  See our models of bedside commodes in our Bath Shop department.

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  1. This is one of the options that they could choose for a bedside commode chair. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is a more comfortable and to people to our elder who has a difficulty in walking. They don’t need to make much effort to walk towards the bathroom.

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