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Photos Make Great Gifts

photo albums

Do you have a big shelf full of photo albums? Or a big box or bag of loose, unorganized photos?  I do, and I bet that you do too.
Maybe the photos are organized in photo albums.  If so, that’s an advantage, even if those old albums are yellowed, aging and split at the seams.  At least the photos are all in one place, and are probably ordered chronologically to some extent.

What do you do with all those old photo albums which no one ever opens?  You value the photos and the memories, and you would like for someone else to value them also, right?

  • I suggest that you find a person who is in most of those photos and give them that photo album as a gift.  You might put the photos in a new, acid-free photo album and maybe label the photos with the names and places you can identify before you give it away.
  • Or you could just leave it as it is, and let the receiver choose how to store the photos.  Chances are, the person who receives the old photos would love to sit down with you and hear some stories of the people and places in those photos. Maybe they would choose to scan them onto their computer and share copies with others. Maybe there are photos there that they would like to enlarge and frame for display at home.
  • If you have a box or bag of loose photos, you might find another way to share them. Perhaps you could take that bag of photos to a family gathering, a reunion, or  a holiday party.  Pass it around and ask people to take the photos that might be significant to them.  I’ll bet you can thin the pile this way.
  • Play a family holiday game with the box or bag.  When the family members are gathered, then have each person pick a photo randomly from the container without looking first. Then, challenge them to name the person and place shown in the photo.  You and your loved one can check their knowledge of family members and family stories, and probably enjoy some laughs too.  Everyone would enjoy chuckling at Uncle Ed’s 80’s- style suit and sideburns or Cousin Jane’s ‘60’s- style prom dress and hairstyle.  There may be some photos of you in there too, so watch out!

Afterwards, ask who wants to keep some photos. I will bet you will find some takers and thin the pile you take home again.

Share the photos and share the memories and stories during the holidays!

Do you have photo ideas? We’d like to hear them!