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Technology for Persons with Disabilities

persons with disabilities

Technology Tools for Persons with Disabilities

The caregivers we encounter are usually taking care of spouses who have permanent disabilities, chronic diseases or conditions which make daily living somewhat challenging. They are often adults taking care of elderly parents while raising their own families and working. Or, another group are parents taking care of children of all ages who have long-term, permanent disabilities or diseases which affect mobility and daily living.

Our company is all about making caregiving easier for these persons with disabilities. One way to do that is to use technology for caregivers. Technology means more than complicated medical devices and robots today. There are tech devices of all kinds, and some of them are particularly helpful with communication, mobility and tasks of daily living. We want to highlight some of these in upcoming blogs.

Recently, we spoke to RJ Cooper, of Lake Forest, California, a man who has used his talents and knowledge of electrical engineering and his experience in caregiving for disabled children in rehabilitative institutions to develop assistive technology for those who have challenges in daily living. RJ is an ingenious, enthusiastic, problem-solver type who uses the “magic” of technology to bring forth smiles and better ways to do the tasks of living. He is all about “engineering an answer” to special problems. He often goes to visit with people who seek his help with situations that need a technological answer.

Want to see this magic in action? Watch this video! Here he is with Dan, a quadriplegic who is bedbound. Dan would like to be able to make a phone call himself, independently. Watch this video to see what happened when RJ adapted a Blue Tooth speakerphone with a switch so Dan could work his iPhone independently.

Sometimes, just having a computer is not the solution. The problem is being able to use a device effectively to do what you want it to do. RJ has developed things that make access and efficiency possible for many in special situations.

Maybe you have a tablet computer that you would like to use, but handling it and positioning it for good viewing is difficult. RJ came up with a tall tablet stand that is highly adjustable in both height and sideways, up and down.
It could be easily used by someone who has coordination difficulties or has a physical positioning situation in a bed or chair that makes a regular tablet difficult to hold and use. See his tall tablet stand here.

Access to technology makes daily tasks like making a phone call or using a laptop or tablet more convenient. It helps persons with disabilities be more independent, self-reliant, and feel more capable and mature. The ability to use technology effectively gives persons with disabilities that “can-do” confidence that every human being desires.

In the next few weeks, we will look at a few tech devices that can help you and your loved one have a little more of that “can-do” attitude for daily living.

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