Overbed Table

Using an Overbed Table at Home

We live in an age of wonders, you know.  There have been so many great inventions, and more are coming every day. There are devices and gadgets, just as the overbed table, which do anything you can imagine, and more.

I am suggesting you consider an ordinary household thing and its numerous uses: the overbed table.  You’ve seen one before; it’s an adjustable rolling table that fits over a hospital bed.

But its place is not just in hospital rooms; it’s useful just about anywhere.

Because an overbed table rolls into place anywhere in the home, it can be used wherever you need a flat surface to work.

Are you having a snack in the living room while you watch TV? The overbed table can be rolled up to your chair, adjusted to the desired height, and there’s a perfect place for chips and dip.

Are you working a jigsaw puzzle for fun?  Set the puzzle up on the overbed table and you can work the puzzle in the living room on the couch, in the bedroom in bed or on the patio outside.

While you sit in bed, are you knitting or crocheting?  Don’t lose you needle and yarn in the bed covers; just set your craft supplies on the overbed table.

When the home healthcare nurse or aide needs to change a bandage, roll it over for her to put her supplies there, and then when she’s finished, roll it away.

Do you need kitchen items near you when you are cooking at the stove? Save steps. Adjust the overbed table to your standing height comfort and place the items there. Roll it from the fridge or the pantry area to wherever you are. It’s useful when you are cleaning or sorting out cans and bags in the pantry or when you are cleaning and stacking pots and pans.  The top surface wipes off easily.

The overbed table can be rolled over to your location, adjust to the height you want, locked down, then be  rolled out of your way until the next  time you need it.  Some can tilt to help you reach what you need.

Talk about multi-uses! Wherever you use it, whatever you use it for, it’s ready.

Don’t have an overbed table at your house?  See the two models we have at Caregiver-aid.com. One tilts and the other does not.

Look for them in the the Personal Care department.

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