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MS Focus, the magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

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The magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offers many good articles that are informative and helpful to M.S. patients and to their caregivers.  The magazine MS Focus is a quarterly magazine available free to patients, their family members, and those interested in multiple sclerosis.  The back issues are available online at The magazine is published in large print for the comfort of readers, and there is an audio version available by request.

The 64 pages of the Spring issue which I read offers advice that will equip patients and their caregivers with current medical news and helpful suggestions for living with M.S..  This free magazine is well worth a reader’s time whether you read a paper copy or you read it online.

The articles there are written by a variety of professionals: physicians, occupational therapists, a counselor, a pharmacist and an attorney.  Leading physicians answer patients’ questions in one section. An article written by an occupational therapist offers good ideas for making self-care daily living routines around the house easier. In the same issue, an attorney wrote the column “Advice from the Job Coach” which discussed obtaining disability benefits.

Patients with M.S.  contribute their experiences and thoughts to magazine columns as well. “Men and M.S.” is a column written from a man’s perspective by David Le Sueur, a patient who was diagnosed 13 years ago. He relates things he has learned as a patient in an article titled  “This Random Event Called M.S.”  “The Caregiver Corner” is written by Donna Steigleder, the wife of an M.S. patient. In this issue, she discusses the negative self-talk that can often boil over in relationships. The article is titled “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”  and relates how her thoughts after a simple accident developed into an internal conversation which made her miserable needlessly.

There is a section for listing regional events of the Foundation, and a section which reviews books and publications relating to pertinent issues.  The Program Services page listed videos available on the MSFYouTube channel with a wide variety of topics for viewers.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides free services and publications to patients. The website and a national toll-free telephone helpline offer more information about the Foundation’s services and programs.

Read M.S. Focus at

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