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Metro Car Handle from Stander

metro car handle

Product Review by Georgia

If you or the loved one you care for has difficulty getting in and out of the car, then this little device may be your answer.  The Metro Car Handle is designed to fit neatly and easily into the striker hook of your car door’s frame. It is lightweight, easy to grip, and has a hidden key compartment. It can support 300 to 500 pounds, according to the description from the manufacturer, Stander. It can even be used to scrape ice from car windows.

Does it work? Yes!  It can help someone who has balance issues or weakness while standing to get into the car and to get out of the car.  I would recommend that the passenger move her seat so that it seat lines up with the door frame when getting ready to use the device. After doing that, it will not be necessary for the passenger to lean forward much to reach the device. If the passenger is a small, weak individual, then it might be good to have someone hold the car door away from the passenger while he/she is using the device to stand beside the car door.  The device is used to support the passenger while standing up or sitting down. See it on our site.

If you are a very large person, one that requires the car seat to be moved back far from the door frame, then you will have to adjust your seat to reach the device and attach it.  You may find that the device is not as much help to you, as it blocks your way out of the door. You may be able to use it for balance and to help you maneuver your legs into position to get ready to stand beside the car. Then, you could remove it before exiting the car door.metrocarhandle

It is an inexpensive way to help a passenger with balance, positioning and assistance to standing from the seat of a car or truck.  For a caregiver, it is certainly better than trying to move and hold that passenger in position by pulling them by their arms or waist from a low car seat. It can help the passenger move in and out of the car more independently. See Owners Manual.

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