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Medical Forms

Medical Forms

Emergency Information Record  with Medical Forms Helps You Prepare

A trip to the hospital emergency room is not usually a pleasant or a planned experience. You and your loved one may be stressed and upset and not thinking clearly. The person who is experiencing a health emergency may not be able to recall or communicate important information that is necessary for emergency treatment, and with no medical forms, a caregiver may be too distracted to recall information accurately.

Be Prepared

That’s why a little preparation is in order to help you handle the emergency situation a little better.  Just having the  Medical Forms with the complete list of medications the patient takes, the phone numbers for health care professionals or loved ones, and complete insurance information at your fingertips can help you handle the stress of a sudden emergency room visit.

Caregiver-Aid  is offering you and your loved ones an Emergency Information Record  (Medical Forms) for your use in preparing for visits to emergency rooms or regular doctor visits.  You may use the form by downloading or printing it, then completing the sections by writing in the requested information.

Use These Forms

The first page is intended for display or safekeeping in a place where an EMT or ambulance attendant may find it easily and quickly. You might want to keep it on the fridge, on the wall beside your bed, or on a bedside table. The second page is for you as a caregiver to complete so you can keep it handy in case of an emergency room visit. You might want to keep a copy in your purse or wallet. Since it contains private information, you will want to keep in a secure and private place.

A little preparation for a stressful and unexpected incident can be helpful, and we hope that you will find the

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Emergency Information Record helpful at that time. If you’re like me, having all that information in one place and at your fingertips can be quite handy at any time.

Just keep it up-to-date, and make several copies.


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>Private information form.<


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