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Hospital Bed Sheets that Fit

As a caregiver for loved ones at home, I found that the corners of my hospital bed sheets kept dropping off the mattress corners.  This would happen particularly if the mattress was a slippery, plastic-covered gel mattress, and if there was a foam layer on top of the mattress. The more active and restless the patient, the more adjustments to bed sheets I had to make.   Raising the head of the bed would cause a “pop-off” at the top, and then the fitted sheet would slip down and form a lump behind the patient.

When the patient sat up and got out of bed, there would be a corner “pop–off” at that side.  I often had to remake the bed three times a day to keep the sheets on the mattress of a hospital bed smooth and tucked in place.  I got tired of bending over so often during the day to fix these hospital bed sheets!  And I was not alone; many caregivers contact with questions about where to get sheets that fit their mattresses. It is a common problem.

There is a Solution

After many searches on the internet and in-person in stores, looking for the solution for caregivers whose sheets don’t fit, I think I have found it!  While I do not have use of a hospital bed at home right now, I have found that the Original Pocket Mattress Pocket fitted sheet is fine for my queen-size mattress at home today. The corners fit and definitely will not pop off my mattress with these sheets.

The Original Pocket Mattress Pocket sheets have pockets for the corners so that the fitted sheet will stay in place.  The clever design consists of a pocket that stretches across the fitted sheet at the top and at the bottom. The pocket is a knit, stretchy fabric, and it extends the width of the mattress. Just lift the corner of the mattress and fit it into the pocket. Put the mattress down and smooth the top of the fitted bed sheet.

It just Works

As long as the mattress is not attached to the bed frame, and you can lift the corners, this sheet will work for you. If you have an adjustable bed, raise the head, and put the stretchy fabric pocket under the mattress. Then, with the head raised, fit the pocket onto the foot of the mattress. Check to see that each corner of the sheet is fitted on the mattress corners, and then lower the head of the bed. The sheet will fit on the mattress exactly.

I have personally tried out the Original Pockets sheets myself on a regular queen-size mattress.  The fabric is crisp and sturdy and the turquoise color I chose was brilliant.   The pockets on the top and bottom of the hospital bed sheets were easy to fit on the mattress.  The corners of the mattress  are so straight and so neat.


The sheet fabric content is a polyester and cotton blend, and the pocket is made of stretchy Lycra. Wash the sheet in cold to warm water and dry in a warm dryer, so that the pocket fabric will not be damaged by hot water or  hot dry air.  I can say that the fabric on my sheet is durable, not thin and not stiff.  Solid colors are available on the hospital mattress sheets.  Satin sheets are also available from the company. These are for people with restless leg syndrome or  Parkinson’s patients, particularly.  The Ease of Movement line of sheets are very pretty.

An Article About Washing Sheets.


Yes, you can spend less money on sheets at a big-box store, but those sheets won’t have the “no-pop off” pocket advantage that these sheets have. Plus, with Original Pockets sheets, you are supporting American workers making a product in Sulphur, Oklahoma.  I am all about economizing, but sometimes you have to spend money to help yourself save time, save work, and save your back.

Sheets for Every Mattress

Original Pockets makes bed sheets for many styles of beds in their shop in Oklahoma. The company makes sheets for twin XL mattresses, queen flex- top mattresses, futon mattresses, and air mattresses, and they can customize for an unusual size or shape.  They even make sheets for semi-truck sleepers for truckers!

So, caregivers measure the width, the length, and the depth of your mattress.  Then go to the Original Pocket Company website:

I hope you will have a better bed-making experience in your time as a caregiver!


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