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Home Care Nurses | Caring in Action

home care nurses

What Would We do Without Good Home Care Nurses!


As caregivers for elderly parents at home, we depended on nurses for information, advice, reminders, and empathy every day. By phone or in person, whether they were there for minutes or hours, weeks or years, these home care nurses were a constant source of help in our time of need.

The home care nurses in our days of home caregiving were lifelines of hope and help for us and for our loved ones. We were dependent upon them and their dedication never wavered.


We remember them still today.

  • There was the nurse who sang and played my son’s guitar once when she was caring for my mother-in-law at home.
  • There were several nurses who were there to answer the phone time after time when we had questions and concerns.
  • There was the one who was a master at wound care, and at showing me how to bandage a wound.
  • One left her home and family on a Sunday, and came over to the house just to make sure all was well.
  • There was the one who would always help me lift my mother out of the wheelchair, and then would help put the wheelchair back in the car, when we finished a doctor’s visit.
  • There was the one who walked us to the ambulance which took my mother-in-law to her last hospital stay.


These nurses were ideal examples of selfless, caring professionals who go the second mile for their patients. You probably know one just like them yourself.
Don’t forget to say thanks to each of the nurses you encounter for their patient service and care. What would we do without them?
Do you know some home care nurses or nurses in any occupational setting that you’d like to brag about?

We’d like to hear about them!    Thank you, nurses!


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  1. I love your idea to thank these nurses when you can so they know they are appreciated. My cousin wants to get a new home care service soon. She wants to make sure her parents are cared for.

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