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Grandma and the Kid | Grandparents

Grandma and grandson _ grandparents

Grandparents and their Grandchildren

I had gone to bed and was reading something of low quality,.. you-know, cops & robbers, super spies,.. that kind of thing. Helps me go to sleep. I guess I’d been hearing it for a while now without really realizing what it was I was hearing. Then I noticed it.  No – not it – them. They had been talking for some time now,.. in the next room. Grandparents. Good grief! It’s 11:30, what in the world do they think their doing?,  This late at night. humph!

My son (about 17) was in his grandmother’s room and talking. I could hear their voices. We had moved into my mother-in-laws house to be caregivers for her. She was elderly and we had been spending daily trips to her house to assist her with the normal routines that surrounds all homeowners. It finally had become easier to just move in and help out. And now I could hear them. The youngest and the oldest. Grandparents Talking,.. late at night. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, it didn’t sound like an argument. No, just talk. A discussion.

What the heck is going on? Doesn’t anybody ever sleep around here? So I hoisted myself out of bed and plodded off to grandma’s room, thinking all the way “doesn’t bother them two – they can sleep tomorrow while I’m at work.”

I abruptly opened the door and the conversation instantly stopped. “What are ya’ll doing?” I asked.

“Nothing” my son stated with the expected innocence.


(awkward silence)

“Just talking”

“About what?”

(more silence)


There was a light in their eyes and an attempt to withhold a grin on their faces that spoke volumes more than their words were ever going to say. Especially to me at 11.30 at night.

“Well wrap it up will-ya, its late and I’ve gotta work tomorrow.” I headed back to my bed and couldn’t withhold a little grin myself. Grandma and grandson had their own relationship, and it was important to them. And that’s a good thing. When we moved in here I was hoping and praying that everyone would get-along with grandparents and we could be one happy family, and not just permanent visitors. Looks like everything is working out, so far. And I guess they really didn’t need my help, … or interference.

I laid back in my bed and thought – maybe I should talk to “them two youngsters” about being quiet at night. Us old people need our sleep. But it’s late and I gotta work tomorrow.


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