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Gift Suggestions for Seniors

Gifts for Seniors


I bet that you have trouble finding gifts that your loved one would really use and enjoy. If so, I have a few suggestions for inexpensive gifts that would please just about anyone who is “hard to get for.”

Plus an extra one that’s very valuable,… but doesn’t cost any money. (Just keep reading…)

Gift Suggestions for Seniors

How about some items that would make going out to eat at a restaurant, a buffet, or a party easier?

  • We have the Nova Adjustable Deluxe cup holder and the Rolling Walker food tray that will help the walker user carry a plate and cup independently.  The cup holder fits right on to a Nova walker and most other walkers.  The cup holder is on sale for $19.50.
  • The Nova Clear Food Tray which fits on most Nova walker is so convenient at a buffet, a restaurant or even around the house for meals.  The tray will fit on most Nova walkers, but not on all. Check out the description. The tray costs $19.75.

Going out? Make it easier for them to get out of the car safely when you travel about.

  • Get the Metro car door handle which fits securely into the striker of the car and supports up to 500 pounds so you can stand with confidence and ease. The Metro Car Handle Plus also includes a flashlight for safe standing at night. This really does work!

How about a container for those essentials you carry with you? See these small Mobility Bags.

  • Nova Mobility Bags are colorful, stylish bags which will attach to a walker or wheelchair.  Actually, they are so attractive that anyone would like to have one of these, even if they don’t use a walker or wheelchair.  They are sturdy, well-made and attach to walkers and wheelchairs easily.   And they come in 9 designer colors, including leopard print!  Great for cosmetics, wallet and tissues, or who knows what else.


Many of us struggle with what to give our aging parents. Something they will use and appreciate. As they age, they loose their abilities a little every day. I’d like to make one last suggestion. This is a gift we don’t sell,…  and money can’t buy. Are you ready? Here it is ~

Your Time.

  • Spending time with your love-one may be the best gift of all. Reminisce about “the old days”, look thru photo albums, or just set together in quiet. Our time is very valuable to us, especially during the “holidays”. And when you give your loved-one your time, your actually giving yourself. What can be better than that?

“Not what we give, but what we share,
 for the gift without the giver is bare.”*

*From The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Any thoughts? Please share them with us.