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Gifts for Seniors

Gifts for Seniors

Gift Suggestions for a Special Senior

Are you wondering how to please your loved one with a special gift this season? Looking for gifts for seniors? You don’t have to hit the malls at this busiest shopping time. No, there are many gifts that you can make yourself for him or her.


Here’s some ideas:

  • Spend some time and effort on gifts for seniors that’s focused on them.
    Quilts, afghans, lap blankets and pillows in their favorite colors and fabrics. Make them yourself, maybe with the help of other family members.
  • Photo albums and framed photos:
    There are probably shoe boxes of photos sitting around their house or yours which need to be saved, so organize them into photo albums. Write down the names, places and dates for those photos and place that info in the album. Check out those old photo albums and put the photos into new acid-free albums to save them. Share some framed recent photos of your family, especially the kids.
  • Candy, cookies, and baked goodies all made from their favorite recipes. It would be even better if you showed the grandkids how to make these favorites too.
  • Videos of your family, videos of childhood times:
    Make a DVD consisting of still photos or of old videos of past times, then share it with them. These are great gifts for seniors. You’ll think you have won an Academy Award when you see the appreciation they show for this gift. Sit down and watch it with them.
  • Time and Care: Spend time organizing their collections, cleaning their jewelry, dusting their books, dusting their favorite knick-knacks, organizing their toolbox, or fishing tackle box. Talk with them about their memories of these things.Cost: priceless and invaluable.

Buying Gifts for Seniors

Caregiver-Aid has a few items that would be good gifts. They aren’t free, but you don’t have to travel to a mall to get them. Just buy them here online, and they will be delivered to you.


Medical & Mobility Equipment - Nova Walking Canes

Beautiful Designer Canes

Walking canes are just one of several devices available to assist in ambulation, or walking. Using a walking cane improves balance by increasing a person’s base of support. When used correctly, canes unload the leg opposite to the hand the cane is in by up to twenty-five percent. There are several types of canes on the market today, each providing a slightly different amount of assistance




Gift fo SeniorsThe Power of Red Complete Set of Dinnerware
Studies have shown that using bright red dinnerware will help increase eating and drinking for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. The complete set includes a dish, bowl, and cup which have non-slip bottoms. The fork and spoon are bendable to a desired position, and the knife has a rocker blade for easy use.






Nova Clear TrayWalker Tray by Nova
This attachment to a walker makes carrying a plate of food from the table or from a buffet at a restaurant much easier for the user of a walker. This is a nice item to have if you and Mom or Dad go out to eat. The ability to carry one’s own food and drink while walking builds independence.






back cushion w/hot and cold packCushions for Comfortable Sitting and Sleeping Support
Cushions can go a long way to providing comfort to an uncomfortable situation. Wedge pillows help lift and support a person while sleeping. Also available are cushions for back support, neck support and sitting cushions for every type of chair and every size of person.




Make gift-giving enjoyable and stress-free.

Content updated 12/7/21 for clarity.

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