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Get Tested for Kidney Disease

Get Tested for Kidney Diease

A new study by a team at John Hopkins University brought forth data which predicts that six out of ten Americans will develop kidney disease during their lifetime. The analysis of the data collected was published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. This statistic means that 59 percent of Americans will develop kidney disease in their lifetime.

Therefore, the National Kidney Foundation is asking all physicians to screen patients who may be at high-risk for kidney disease at their annual physical exams.  Patients who have diabetes, high blood pressure, are over 60 years old, and are African- American are most at risk for kidney disease, according to the study.

African- American have a greater risk of developing kidney disease earlier in life and developing more advanced diseases of the kidneys, according to the study.  African- Americans are most likely to have serious kidney diseases which require dialysis or kidney transplantation during their lifetime.

On the website for the National Kidney Foundation, the head of the Foundation, Dr. Beth Pirano M.D., said that “the progression of kidney disease can be slowed with lifestyle changes and medications.”  Patients should request that their doctor add a simple urine albumin test for kidney damage to their usual tests at their annual physical exams. Most patients who have moderately reduced kidney function can have their treatment managed by their general practice/ family practice doctor.

With more than half of all Americans at risk, it’s time for all Americans to understand how kidney disease is detected.

“And for those at elevated risk because of older age, diabetes, hypertension or other risk factors to know whether they have kidney disease or not,” said Dr. Josef Coresh, who led the team that analyzed the data on prevalence and mortality to form the conclusions about lifetime risk, according to the website