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Free Recipes for Healthy Living!

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Recipes for Healthy Living is from the American Diabetes Association.

Caregivers and the ones they care for are always healthier when they are regularly eating nutritionally healthy meals.  Whether you are worried about your weight, managing diabetes, or just concerned about limiting the bad stuff in your diet, the healthy eating tips from the American Diabetes Association are helpful.

Recipes for Healthy Living is the monthly E-newsletter from the American Diabetes Association.  It gives you a sample meal plan, a grocery list, and shows you Free Recipes for Healthy Livinghow to adjust carbohydrates and calories for your needs. There are videos showing you how to prepare some of the recipes.  Plus, there’s  an informational article on nutrition and health.

Learn more about Healthy Eating.

The whole family will enjoy these recipes even if none of them have diabetes. If you are the cook at your house, you know you need  some new recipes and meal ideas sometimes. And this couldn’t be easier or cost less.

It’s all free!

Sign up for the Recipes for Healthy Living  E- Newsletter at the website of the American Diabetes Association. Click on the top Food and Fitness tab, then on My Food Advisor in the drop down menu.. On that page you can sign up for the My Food Advisor Recipes for Healthy Living.

November is American Diabetes Month.

This article updated on 12/28/20 for clarity and content.

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