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Folding Wedge Pillow

folding wedge pillow

Nova Wedge Pillow 2681

I have a wonderful wedge pillow that makes sleeping in just about any position more comfortable. It is a folding wedge pillow from Nova.  It is a folding wedge of foam, and it lifts my head much better than the three or four conventional pillows I used to fight with every night.

Compared to propping up on multiple pillows, using a bed wedge pillow is definitely a better choice.  Use it to prop up your head and shoulders, your complete torso, or a leg. There are no shifting pillows that have to constantly be rearranged! If you like to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, this wedge makes it possible and comfortable.

Physicians often recommend elevation of your knee, leg or other limbs after surgery to reduce swelling.  Sleeping with the head slightly elevated is often recommended by doctors for patients who have acid indigestion, acid reflux or GERD. If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, this wedge pillow is specially designed with an incline to keep your affected swollen areas elevated. If you tend to have swelling in your ankles and feet, then turn the wedge to lift them while you sleep or rest.  An inclined pillow can also help reduce snoring too.

I found that I liked having my head elevated when I sleep after an attack of vertigo from an inner ear problem, and I found the folding wedge pillow comfortable immediately. The pillow can also fit on a couch or sofa or any surface where a lift is needed for your head or legs.

The Nova Folding wedge pillow comes in  various heights: 7.5 inches, 10.5 inches, or 12 inches.  It is available in a blue cover or a white cover, and the covers are zippered and washable.  The folding wedge folds up into a rectangle for easy storage or transport.  The foam is polyurethane foam, and it is flame retardant.  The Nova folding wedge pillow is a versatile addition to your bed and can make resting really restful!


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  1. Ed,

    Wedge Pillows can be necessary for some patients. For example, persons with respiratory problems may require the use of one to help while sleeping.

    Others may want a wedge pillow simply for comfort. If that’s the case, there are many different types of cushions to choose from.

    Hope that helps

  2. Great Information. I am interested in helping seniors. One way is with wedged pillows. Are there any concerns that would prohibit a senior from using the pillows you mentioned? I enjoyed your post and will be coming back. Be safe.

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